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Top 20 anti-aging foods

Feeding will never make you go back up the clock, but it can prevent the needles from rolling over. It can prolong the longevity of organs and tissues, and make them look younger and longer.
Here are the Top 20 anti-aging foods :

Mackerel: one of the richest omega 3 fish. And it is cheap and seasonal.

Mild herring: high omega 3 and antioxidant content – vitamin A, selenium, copper – for this moderately acidifying fish.

Salmon eggs: an excellent source of omega 3. Make sure they come from Pacific salmon, a non-endangered species.

Carrot: alkalizing, rich in carotenoids (antioxidants), lutein and zeaxanthin, two substances that would oppose the aging of eyesight.

Spinach: frozen. They contain several antioxidants of the carotenoid family, but are often contaminated by chemicals. A tip: opt for the organic sector, even if you choose frozen foods.

Eggplant: vegetable alkalizing and among the least contaminated pesticide, it is also packed with antioxidants (especially in his skin, which must be preserved).

Tomato: it is the richest vegetable in lycopene (antioxidant), even when it is canned (puree, sauce …). An alternative for
the off-season.

Fennel: rich in flavonoids, vitamin C and anti-inflammatory compounds (polyacetylenes), it is also alkalizing.

Raspberry: the darker it is, the more it contains antioxidant substances. Not to mention vitamin C. Prefer organic.

Chilli powder: it contains capsaicin with antioxidant activity. It is also alkalinizing.

Kiwi: one of the richest fruits in vitamin C, with antioxidant properties. Choose French varieties and, for ecological reasons, if possible sold in bulk.

Avocado: its monounsaturated fatty acids have an anti-inflammatory effect and nourish the skin from the inside. In addition, it is alkalinizing.

Basil: its rosmarinic acid content places it among the youthful herbs.

Sweet potato: excellent antioxidant score, especially for orange flesh varieties, even after cooking. Prefer the Spanish varieties to those who come from further (for the carbon footprint).

Lemon: this citrus fruit is opposed to inflammation and oxidative stress, especially consumed in juice.

Onion: this alkanizing condiment is also rich in sulfur, selenium and quercetol (the most powerful flavonoid).

Bilberry: both alkalizing and interesting for its antioxidants.

Olive oil: first cold pressed. In addition to monounsaturated fatty acids, it contains hydroxytyrosol, a compound that inhibits the inflammatory process.

Hazelnut: alkalizing, rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants.

Pomegranate: Pomegranate juice combined with red and white grapes, strawberry purée, raspberry and cherries is the perfect antioxidant cocktail!

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