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5 proven tips to lose 10 pounds in only 2 weeks

According to a professional celebrity trainer, it’s totally possible to lose up to 10 pounds in just two weeks with a combination of diet, exercise and some hard and fast rules designed to take your weight loss to the next level. He emphasizes that the amount of weight loss to be expected should take into account your starting weight and how much you have to lose in the first place.

In his two week diet plan, the celebrity trainer recommends women have a daily caloric intake of about 1,300–1,650 calories, depending on your starting weight. In addition to a low-calorie diet, he recommends following these easy-to-incorporate rules, to jumpstart your weight-loss efforts and get your best body now:

  • Scale down your coffee intake to just one cup a day. After that, drink green tea to get your caffeine fix.
  • To reduce stubborn fat in your upper arms, eat lots of green vegetables or take a fiber supplement. Fiber can help reduce “bat wings,” or flabby upper arms by eliminating toxins.
  • Limit your alcohol intake to four drinks per week. If you are going to indulge in a 100-calorie glass of wine, skip a snack that day.
  • Avoid consuming any bread and/or pasta, as your body converts wheat to sugar faster than any other grain.
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  • Don’t swap real dairy for low-fat yogurt. It’s recommended to eat real butter, milk or yogurt (in small doses) as opposed to reaching for a substitute like low-fat yogurt, which is loaded with sugar and sodium.

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